Frequently Asked Questions


Currently I am unable to cater to retailers – will update this section in the near future – Thankyou!


For all those that have followed Ruby&Crickette from day 1 of launching this website and visited my outdoor retail outlets – you might have noticed the extensive range i have on offer. Due to majority of my pieces being handmade and very limited – it is way too much work for me to photograph every single piece and upload here – especially the one-of-a-kind pieces.

Pieces that are featured on here can either be re-produced or the components can easily be sourced. If there is a piece or pieces that take your fancy which you have seen before and are now not here – please feel free to drop me a line to enquire… I have an archive of beautiful photos of past pieces that i am happy to share with you.

Lastly – i am ‘flattered’ with the array of compliments i receive about my pieces past and present – it always brings a huge smile to my face! Also more flattering is how many ‘copycats’ are stalking my website!! Nothing i can do – but move faster and stay ahead of this game – at Ruby&Crickette – my famous saying is ‘CATCH ME IF YOU CAN’… so to all those desperate for me to upload more products to this site – sorry – i am not in a hurry… and we don’t forget a face at our retail outlets either – style comes from within with passion…


All of the ‘vintage’ pieces you see on Ruby&Crickette has been hand-selected by me. I only buy from suppliers who specialise in ‘true’ vintage and have an extensive knowledge that only one with a passion for it can obtain. Vintage enthusiasts use well known books as guides and references in sourcing rare and collectable pieces and findings.

There are many designers who label their pieces as vintage as opposed to ‘vintage-inspired’. Real vintage pieces have a lot more weight, detailing and have evident wear or patina that only older items endure through time. So ‘vintage-inspired’ would be items that have been re-produced using templates that are no longer being produced. These days there are a lot of manufacturers who are ‘re-producing’ vintage pieces using moulds or casts. But take note – they are not as well detailed and lack the weight of the originals due to demand and pricing.

Majority of the reproductions are machine-made, mass produced and if they are hand-made, it also lacks the fine detailing as are they rushed to produce so many per hour.

I occasionally am lucky to come across pieces that have never been opened or used which is very exciting as it is rare to find them in their original packaging!

~~All vintage jewelry is in pre-owned condition unless otherwise stated. Some minor wear and cleaning needs should be expected. If there are glaring flaws or problems with a piece, I will disclose it in the description~~

Can I return items?

  • Yes. When you ask to return an item, our decision making process is guided by the desire to have a bevy of happy and loyal customers who are willing to recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues.
  • We ask that you contact us via email to arrange making the return – make your request via email to
  • If you are returning an item that is faulty or damaged, then we ask that you photograph the item as soon as you become aware it is faulty or damaged and forward that photo to us via email – send your email with photo attached to and we will be in touch asap to resolve the matter with you. For faulty and damaged items, we will refund your payment in full upon receiving the item back from you.
  • If you are returning an item that is not damaged, then we will refund your payment less postage and handling upon receiving the item back from you.
  • We request that you post either via EXPRESS POST or registered/insured mail… as we do not accept any responsibilities for lost items in transit…
  • All items must by returned with original packaging and tags attached.

PLEASE NOTE – THIS ONLY APPLIES FOR ALL ITEMS EXCEPT SALE ITEMS We Guarantee our ‘handmade’ products up to 2yrs after date of purchase… Please note – due to wear and tear or frequent use of product/s especially those that fall under the category of ‘fashion accessories’ and ’children’s accessories’ – the product/s are not expected to last and stay in it’s original state after purchase… Hence after the 2 year period – it cannot be returned or exchanged nor can it be sent back to be fixed. All vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces and custom made pieces are final – these pieces are as stated – if it contains a rare finding – we cannot replace. We reserve the right to refuse service after the 2yr period.

If a product falls under ‘made by others’ category such as another Fashion Designer – Ruby&Crickette will state the ‘makers’ or ‘originators’ terms & conditions, their product policies and any other agreements they have provided. We cannot guarantee their workmanship nor shall we take responsibility for their faults unless stated. We reserve the right to refuse service after date of purchase.

How much does postage and handling cost?

  • Depends upon where you live. We quote Australia Post rates on the basis of delivery address postcode at the checkout when you are making your purchase. These costs are added to the total invoice price. When you complete your purchase at the checkout we will send an email itemising line item costs to your email address.

PLEASE NOTE – All STANDARD POSTAGE PAID PARCELS ARE NOT TRACKABLE – Therefore we will and do not take responsibility for any parcels being lost or stolen in transit once they leave our hands. If you are concerned for this – please choose EXPRESS POSTAGE to avoid any mishaps – Thankyou!

How often do you deliver/post?

We do a run to the Post Office once a day Monday to Friday after 4.30pm. If you would like next day (Express Post) delivery please place your order at the latest 3pm Eastern Time on Mondays through to Thursdays. This will ensure your order gets processed and packed ready to be sent out the same day.

Please note – any Express Post orders placed on Fridays will get delivered to you the next ‘working’ day – Monday. Also as i work alone – i will do my best to fulfill on each and every order daily but in life things do come up that could disrupt this service… so please take this into consideration. Much appreciated!

Do your prices include GST?

  • Yes – all prices quoted are 10% GST inclusive.

What payment options do you have?

PayPal – Please Note: Sometimes the PayPal payment gateway may have a glitch – it is common in Australian cart checkouts – if your payment does not come through instantly – i will email you to let you know and ask for you to go through the order process again – i will delete your original order – Thank you!

  • _You can pay by direct deposit into our bank account

or via credit card. I accept Visa and MasterCard. When you pay by credit card i will actually process the payment myself via my electronic terminal. I will pack and then post your order when your funds are cleared into our bank account._

Do you RESERVE or HOLD items?

  • Yes we do! At Ruby&Crickette we understand everyone has a budget and if you are keen to get your hands on anything you see on the site but do not have the funds at time of browsing, then we are more than happy to ‘RESERVE’ that particular item/s for you. Shoot us an email with the details of the item you would like, your name and contact number/s.
  • Please double check you have supplied correct contact info – we have had emails bounce or simply no contact number and have left messages next to desired products but did not get any response – we will just conclude you are not serious!
  • We will hold it for 1 week (7 days) only, but if you require a longer period – then state in your email and we will put this in consideration and get back to you asap. After the 7 days, we will contact you either via email or phone. If we do not get a response within 24hrs, then the item/s will be placed back on the web for sale to the public.
  • We request that you stay in communication with us and let us know asap if you change your mind before the 7 day period. Please be considerate to others and keep in mind that the majority of our products are quite limited or one-of-a-kind pieces. Thank you for browsing our website and we look forward to hearing from you…